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07 May 2014

"Early abnormalities in this system are picked up by changes in heart rate variability, and these changes predict the risk of future heart attacks and death," explained Soares-Miranda, a researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, and the faculty of sport at the University of Porto in Portugal. The researchers also found that seniors whose walking distance or pace improved over five years had better heart rate variability than those who had decreases in how much or how fast they walked. Seniors with the highest levels of physical activity would be 11 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack or sudden cardiac death than those with the lowest levels, the study authors calculated. "Any physical activity is better than none, but maintaining or increasing your activity has added heart benefits as you age.

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Improve flexibility to maximize workouts -

Each of the following four Hero Workouts is demanding. Beginners may cut the prescribed exercise sets and reps in half. Once youre able to consistently perform the moves with proper form, you can ramp up the volume. Hero Workouts Whom it honors: Navy Lt. Michael Murphy The workout: 1-Mile Run, 100 Pull-Ups, 200 Push-Ups, 300 Bodyweight Squats, 1-Mile Run Everett says: Most CrossFit boxes do this one on Memorial Day.

Fitness expert Jodi Stern discussed the importance of flexibility when it comes to maximizing workouts in her studio at Pilates Plus Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise. Stern demonstrated how something as small as a tennis ball under your heel and arch can help your body stretch and improve the quality of your workouts. She said a ball can be used to loosen up any part of your body. Stern said begin by holding a position, relax, and then create some movement. Start with the frontline of your body, transition to the sideline of your body and finish up with the backline of your body as you stretch. Think of it as a deep tissue massage said Stern. Getting a good stretch after a workout is imporant because when your muscles are warmed up, that's when you can create added flexibility. For more information about Jodi and Pilates Plus, click here .


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