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18 Feb 2014

If someone goes to work out, you need fruit or quick carbs [after] you work out, because youre going to restore your bodys glycogen for the next day, Axe said. This is something I say during nutrition consults: Your post-exercise diet is important, because if you want to perform at your highest the next day, you need glycogen. Working out just once a week? Because short HIIT workouts are supposed to burn fat for a couple of days once theyre completed, many trainers claim that they can be performed less frequently than more traditional workouts. Axe maintains that in order to achieve optimal effects from his workouts, they should be performed every other day.

He didnt even mind the running. Today was short distance, a smiling Tanaka said through his interpreter. No problem at all. Tanaka clarified that he knew he would have to run as part of his spring training program, but he wasnt aware when he took the field Saturday that he would have to do four laps around the quarter-mile track after his bullpen and fielding practice. So far, what they do as far as drills go, its pretty much the same here as over in Japan, Tanaka said. So far, so good. Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News Tanaka throws during his bullpen session and says it is comparable to Japan.

Her favorite flavors are Peanut Chocolate-Chip Nirvana, Cherry Chocolate Bliss and Pineapple Chocolate-Chip Wonder." And if you're wondering what the Grammy winner's current diet is like, Marco shares: "The transition [from vegan] was fairly easy, because [now] she's stickingto amostly plant-based diet with some fish here and there." PHOTOS: Celebrity vegans Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images As for her workout, yes, Mrs. Carter does put in quite a bit of work to maintain her bootylicious shape, including "body-weight squats, lunges and plies, along with plyometric exercises and sprint intervals." The singer and her hubby don't just diet together, they also hit the gym together. "They're like every other couple, they love spending time together, they'll work out together whenever its possible, whenever their touring schedules allow. They'll absolutely jump in the gym together whenever they can, she'll be running and he'll be on a bike, or she'll be jumping rope and he'll be running." All together now: Awww!

3. Balance Your total activity in a week does require a balance of cardio, resistance and flexibility but start with what you enjoy and then begin to carve out an ideal combination as you progress. Once you reach that ideal total time of 200 minutes plus, then start to analyze your program to ensure you're including all components. Ideally, you do want to have 2-4 workouts where you challenge all of your major muscle groups for approximately 20-30 minutes each session. Very often, however, recreational activities like biking, skiing and yes even gardening will include a variety of muscle groups. From there, think "reverse posture" to improve balance. Whatever you do most during your activities or work day, do the opposite to stretch out or balance with other exercises. For example: if you sit all day and lean forward - stand, move and lean back to stretch out if you're a runner - add more upper body strength and lots of stretching around hip and knee joints if you garden - add more cardio, functional training with hinges and squats and stretches that have you leaning back and opening up the chest This new research and link with exercise and telomeres helps us prove what we've known all along - exercise IS the ultimate anti-aging tool! It doesn't require surgery, a plethora of pills and can be done in the comfort of your own home doing activities you enjoy! Looking to get out of the February blahs and in shape for spring! We've put a 3-month package together for our 50-50-50 Challenge. We've set up an amazing discount for our Canada AM viewers to access our online training site. You can start ANY time and join our journey!


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