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06 Oct 2013

But less than two weeks after it was believed that Ware wouldnt be back until the spring semester , there was video of Ware dunking . And on Friday head coach Rick Pitino stated during a press conference that Wares been cleared to begin basketball workouts , marking the latest step taken in Wares comeback. He has a clean bill of health, coach Rick Pitino said Friday. He can play all-out at the end of the month. Pitino said Ware has been cleared to begin basketball workouts immediately, but while he may be physically ready to return to the court, Pitino cautioned he may still need to get past his injury mentally.

5 Tips For Successful Fall and Winter Workouts

You may be taught 10-minute meditations you can do anywhere. So does it work (and is it safe)? Meditation can help with weight control, suggests initial research -- when done hand in hand with mindful eating. In one small 2011 study conducted at the University of California at San Francisco , overweight women who received training in both practices maintained their weight, while the control group gained. Meditation is believed to enhance the function of your brain's prefrontal cortex, known as command central, boosting vigilance and determination (maybe even Zen-like calm!), while mindfulness makes you aware of every morsel you put in your mouth.

Fitness Friday: 5 Online Pilates Workouts

Ive mainly done Pilates Barre or Pilates mat workouts rather than the traditional stuff with all those crazy machines (which, admittedly, look WEIRD), but Ive always enjoyed working with my breath and my muscles in a way thats different than yoga. So, for todays Fitness Friday, here are five Pilates workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. 1. POP Pilates for Beginners from Blogilates 2.

Popular CrossFit workouts linked to disturbingly high rates of rhabdomyolysis, muscle cell 'explosion'

To me that seems like a lifetime, and it can really set you back on your goals! Instead of cuddling up with a blanket and a book, try one of these five methods to keep on track. Dress for the Cold The main concerns with working out in the cold are hypothermia and frostbite . For those of us who arent ready to part ways with outdoor workouts though, dressing up for the cold can be a solution.

Fad diets and trendy workouts: what works?

One study found that the overall annual incidence of the condition among athletes and people that exercise is a mere 0.06 percent, which is exceptionally low. This percentage is far higher for CrossFit, however, as the workout routine appears to be uniquely prone to causing muscle damage, a fact that CrossFit founder Greg Glassman openly admits. "It can kill you," he is quoted as saying by The Huffington Post. "I've always been completely honest about that." In its defense, many advocates of CrossFit, including many CrossFit coaches, say rhabdo is not really as problematic as some people think. While members are pushed to the limit and obviously encouraged to work hard, cases of rhabdo are still quite rare, they claim.

Studying Too Hard Could Hurt Your Workouts (but It's Not an Excuse to Stop Studying, BTW!)

See more: 10 Things He's Thinking When You're Naked The research involved putting volunteers through a 90-minute computer test, where they watched letters flash by, counted them, and had to punch various keys--the test is known to induce mental fatigue, and, honestly, even writing about it is making me yawn. The volunteers also watched a relaxing 90-minute movie called Earth. After each event, the participants exercised at a specialized one-legged ergometer to the point of muscular exhaustion. After doing the computer test, the participants ended up getting tired about 13 percent faster than after watching Earth; they also said that the post-computer exercising felt way worse.


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