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06 Sep 2013

Ever wonder why sprinters are so cut and lean? You don't have to be fast to train like an athlete, just run as fast as you can. Limit long distance running and long, slow cardio sessions. Too many long, slow training sessions will waste away your muscle mass. Among other benefits, speed and power exercises recruit more muscle fibers (mainly fast-twitch, bulky fibers) more frequently which helps the fat-burning process.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but they need that extra push. Engaging workers in wellness programs is one of the greatest problems employers face when implementing them, experts say. On average, just 20 percent of workers take advantage of their companies wellness programs, according to a recent study on workplace wellness from the RAND Corporation. Its easier to get people to join a program when they feel an immediate benefit, Soeren Mattke, the managing director of RANDs Health Advisory Services, said. It tends to be a lot harder to get people to change lifestyles and behaviors because theyre not really feeling sick. But at NextJump, more than 80 percent of employees work out at least twice a week, according to the companys founder and CEO, Charlie Kim. After years of tweaking its program, the company developed a formula that actually convinced its workers to hit the gym: Split them up into teams and have everyone log their workouts in an internal computer system where their colleagues can see the data. The team that works out the most each week wins $1,000.

"If you just want to burn fat, get a better body, and target trouble spots on your body that you want to tone, you'd be surprised at how little you can actually exercise," wrote Greenfield. It's important to make sure reps are done as vigorously as possible, meaning an all-out effort. Tabata sets are done at super-high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10-second intervals of complete rest. "You can do a number of exercises with Tabata training, including jump squats, push ups, sprints, cycling, elliptical you name it!" said Greenfield.


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