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27 Jul 2013

Brown had triggered an escalator in his contract that increased his base salary for 2013, but that provision was voided when he did not attend the OTAs. Needless to say, Brown was not happy when he learned about it via Twitter yesterday, and fired his agent. How did Tarell Brown find out hed forfeited $2 million in base salary: Twitter, he said. #49ers Eric Branch (@Eric_Branch) July 26, 2013 Brown had talked about leaving it up to his agent to determine if he would hold out for a new contract. Not anymore, and it will be hard to make up that difference. Ouch. Meanwhile, that amount goes straight to cap savings for the San Francisco 49ers, who are now $7.4 million under the cap.

Lye sideways on the bed with one hand supporting neck and other hand on the hip. Lift the upper leg up sideways as much as possible, bring it down and repeat. After 12-15 counts change side and repeat with the opposite leg. Static squats against the wall. Stand with shoulder width distance against the wall with your back in contact with the wall. Lower your body down until your thighs becomes parallel to the floor.

That really just fired me up. I love the whole environment of Friday night games at Westlake.-Westlake tight end Zach Dansby Every true Westlake football fan knows that the boys of fall work extremely hard in order to create glorious memories on Friday nights in the fall. However, few fans know the blood, sweat and tears that go into the summer workouts before the season even starts. Senior varsity tight end Zach Dansby, who has been playing football for seven years, puts in 10-12 extra hours a week throughout the entire summer leading up to football season. I see so much potential in the next football season, Dansby said.

Trampoline workouts: New Yorkers let the pounds bounce off with new fitness trend

And Megan Fox filmed a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles scene while bouncing on a trampoline. At Bari Studio in Tribeca, founder Alexandra Perez explains why rebounding the technical term for trampoline workouts is the ultimate exercise. When youre bouncing, at the very top of your movement, theres zero gravity, says Perez. And at the very bottom of your movement, you weigh four times your weight, so its very different from anything else on the ground or in the water. Anyone who thinks pouncing on springy canvas for 45 minutes is pure, childlike joy will be in for a sweat-soaked surprise. Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News Reporter Molly Friedman at a JumpDance class at Jump Life in Tribeca. RELATED: NYC PUTS THE CYCLE ON SPIN AND RINSE It was hard! says an exhausted Joy Lewis, 45, after taking a JumpDance class at the JumpLife studio in SoHo, which opened in October. President Montserrat Markou says her heart-pounding cardio classes burn an visit average of 500 calories.


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